Humless 1500 Series 1.3 kWh Solar Generator (100AH) Bundle 1 Panel
1.3 kWh Solar Generator (1 Panel Bundle)

Humless 1500 Series 1.3 kWh Solar Generator (100AH) Bundle 1 Panel

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Humless 1500 Series 1.3 kWh Solar Generator (100AH) Bundle 1 Panel

*NOTE -  product no longer available

1- Unit 1500 Series (100Ah) 1.3Wh Solar Generator - 2x the Run time of the L-1500 .6kw (50AH) unit

1- Unit 130 Watt - Folding Monocrystalline Solar Panel - With Deluxe Hard Shell Carry Case

1- Unit 30 Foot 12 Gage Mc4 to Anderson Charge Cable

This 1.3 Kwh unit solves an issue that comes up quite a bit when people are looking at the L-1500 .64 Kwh Generator, can you add another battery to the machine to get a longer run time or more storage? This 1.3 Kwh unit now has 2x the battery storage giving you more onboard storage and longer run times.

1500 1.3 Kwh (100AH) Solar Generator Features

Internal Lithium Battery Pack: 100A/h (1.3W/h) - Battery Cycles 2,500+ 6.8 Years of Daily Use

Minimum Charge Time: 4.0 Hours - Charge Retention: 1 Year

Integrated Inverter: 120V AC Pure Sine Wave, 1500W Continuous, 2000W Peak (5ms Peak)

Integrated Charge Controller: Maximum of 40A charging current from AC and DC circuitry

120V Ac Outputs - 12V DC Anderson Output - 4 USB DC outputs - 12V Cigarette lighter output

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* Warranty -This product has a 1 year full replacement from the date of purchase and a lifetime Warranty on the Battery.

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