Portable Solar Powered Generators 1500 Watt Output

Lightweight Portable Lithium-ion Battery Solar Powered generators

These emergency backup power Solar Rechargeable Generators are perfect for power outages, emergencies or if you just need some reliable remote power. If you are off-grid or on the go our portable power generators can easily be carried on foot or transported in a car during a natural disaster or emergency.

Weighing between 36 to 48 Lbs the 1500 Series Solar Generators are a perfect lightweight power source for camping, hunting or outdoor activities, these Solar Generators make your trips safer and more enjoyable.

The powerful lithium-ion battery provides the capacity to power communications lighting and most 120V AC home electronic entertainment devices without hauling or storing dangerous gasoline and no issues with smelly fumes. The lithium-ion battery also provides fast battery charge times using our portable 130 watt solar Panels.

Humless Solar Powered Generators are unique with their silent operation ensures that its use will not negatively impact others or the environment when using the Sun's power to refuel your generator wherever you go.

See the 1.3 and the .64 Kwh Portable Lithium-ion Battery Solar Generators Below!
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1500 Watt Solar Powered Generator Humless .64 Kwh 50Ah
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1500 Watt Solar Powered Generator Humless 1.3 Kwh 100Ah
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