Energy Bicycle Generator For Charging Solar Generators

Energy Bicycle Generator For Charging Solar Generators

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Energy Bicycle Generator For Charging Solar Generators

Modified Fitness Cycle Generator Bike – is a sleek quiet and powerful tool to charge your L-1500 Humless Solar Generator.

Keep in mind it can be used to charge any battery device that has a charge controller in front of the battery storage. This bike will produce up to 150 Watts of AC power at (120 Volts) when it is connected to a DC to AC inverter.

Using a simple solar charge controller can be used to monitor charging a deep cycle battery or any 12 Volt battery bank or use the cycle to produce real-time power on demand.

The Charge Bike Benefits

– Simple Quiet And Powerful Charging

– Can Produce Up To 200 Watts 12 V DC or More on Demand!

– Most Effective Human Power Generation

– Plugs into L-1500 And Older Units with provider Anderson Cable

– Far Exceeds General Hand Crank Power > See Video Here

– Can Charge Other Battery’s For Storage

Using the Fuelless Generator Charge bike is the Fastest most efficient way to charge the Lion Energy L-1500 Solar Generator by human means. There is a small (Hand Crank) the is often used to charge the L-1500 however if produces very little energy and is quite difficult to use for any length of time. ( See Video Below) Or View At YouTube Click Here

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